Universal Credit Dentist

Do you pay for dentist on Universal Credit? Find out if you’re entitled to free dental care and how to get free dental treatment at an NHS Dentist.

Do you pay for dentist on Universal Credit

Not everyone getting Universal Credit is entitled to free dental
care. You’re only entitled if your earnings during your last
assessment period were:

  • £435 or less
  • £935 or less if your Universal Credit includes a payment
    for a child or you have limited capability for work or
    work-related activity

‘Last assessment period’ means the assessment period that ended immediately before the date you claim free treatment.

If you claim Universal Credit as a couple, the earnings limit applies to the joint income of you and your partner. Your earnings are shown on your statement as ‘Your total take-home pay for this period’.

If you meet these conditions, you’re also entitled to:

  • free NHS prescriptions
  • free NHS sight tests
  • free NHS wigs and fabric supports
  • help with the cost of glasses or contact lenses
  • refunds of necessary travel costs to receive NHS treatment
    UC Universal Credit
    Opening up work

See if you’re entitled to free dental treatment by going to https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/dont-get-caught-out-penalty-charges/check-you-tick and using the free eligibility checker.

Find your nearest NHS dentist to book a dental appointment.

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