How much money can I get? Tuition Fee Loans, Student Loans & Maintenance Grants – Student Finance Northern Ireland

Find out how much money you can get from Student Finance from financial support including; Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans and Maintenance Grants.

Tuition Fee Loans

Tuition fees are the money that your university or college charges you for the course. This loan is not meant for living costs or to use on books. It is to pay the set amount that the university or college charges all students to join it.

Most colleges and universities in Britain charge £9,250 each year after the 2012 increase. This applies to UK and EU full-time students but is higher for international students.

Student finance will pay the money straight to your institution. It will not go into your bank account first.

Tuition fee loans will be enough to cover the fee for each year. If you study full time at a public university or college outside of Northern Ireland, student finance will lend you the full amount of £9,250.

If you go full time to a private college or university outside of Northern Ireland, it will give you £4,160 to help with the fees.

Part time students receive less of a tuition fee loan, because their fees are lower for the year. In Northern Ireland, part time students will get a maximum of £3,120. Your course must be at least 25% of a full-time course in one year.

If you decide to go to a public or private university in Northern Ireland, you will receive a full tuition loan as well but it will be slightly lower at £4,160 to match the course fees.

If you decide to study in the Republic of Ireland, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees. You will have to pay something called a ‘student contribution’. Student Finance Northern Ireland will give you a student contribution loan to help with this.

The amount you get depends also on your household income. The maximum amount for 2018/19 is €3,000.

Maintenance Loans

Maintenance loans help with your living costs while at university or college. This can be anything like rent, food, utility bills or books.

The amount you get depends on your household income, where you’re studying and if you live at home or not.

This is different than the tuition fee loan because it goes to your bank account first. It doesn’t go straight to your university or college.

For new applications, the most you can get are:

  • If you live at home – £3,750
  • If you live at university/college in London – £6,780
  • If you live at university/college outside of London – £4,840
  • If you’re going abroad for some of your course – £5,770

Remember, this is the most you can get. The amount you receive will depend on your household income. The more household income you have, the less you will receive in a maintenance loan.

Maintenance Grants

Unlike in England, students in Northern Ireland can still receive a maintenance grant with their student finance.

To be eligible, your household income must be below £41,540. The amount you receive will depend on what your household income is. The maximum amount for 2018/19 is £3,475.