How to apply for Student Finance in England

You can make all new applications for student finance in England through this link:

You can call the helpline if you need help completing your application. The number is below in our ‘Useful Contacts' section. They can post you application forms which you can use to apply.

Braille, large fonts and other languages are available.

You will have to provide details about your university or college, your course and when it will start. You will also have to provide details of your household income.

If you are an EU student applying to Student Finance England, you will have to apply by post.The online application is only an option for British students. You will get a letter within 6 weeks that will tell you if your application has been successful or not.

After you apply

If you registered online for student finance, keep your password and username safe. You will need these throughout your course to keep track of your loan. If you didn’t apply online, you will get a password and username in the post. You can then use these online to manage your loan.

Once you apply, your parents or partner will then get a link to confirm their income.

HMRC needs to confirm the information you have put on your application is correct. This is because your household income affects how much student finance you can get.

If you have applied for any of these with your student loan, you will need to provide proof of household income:

  • A maintenance loan
  • A maintenance grant (if your course started before August 2016)
  • A childcare grant
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance
  • Adult Dependants’ Grant
  • Special Support Grant

If you still live with your parent(s) then HMRC will ask for details of their income. If you live with your partner then HMRC will ask for details or their taxable income.

HMRC will check this against their records. Your application will then move on if the information matches.

If you haven’t spoken to your mum or dad for more than 12 months, student finance can class you as an ‘estranged student’. This means you won’t have to provide details of their income and you can apply by yourself.

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