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Student loans can seem like a very scary topic. Every day in the news there is another headline talking about how students will struggle. People say they won’t be able to buy houses, cars or holidays in later life. A lot of the information that goes around about student loans isn’t correct.

Yes, the average debt figure now for graduates is much higher than the older generations. But you don't have to pay it all back the day your graduate. Most people won’t end up paying it all back! The government won’t put you under pressure to repay it if you’re not earning enough.

After you graduate, it will come out like tax and National Insurance, and only when you’re earning enough to be able to pay it.

It is not something worth worrying about, and it is the best loan you’ll ever have. If you want to do a degree or a qualification, chances are you’ll need a bit of help. Student loans are there for everyone and will help you pay for your whole course.

Below, we’ve explained the different types of support available to students in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of the information is very different for each country, so make sure to double check you're reading the right page as loan amounts, application dates and repayment terms are all different.

Even within your country, what you can get depends on when your course started, what you're studying and what your household income is so make sure to have this information ready before you start reading.

Student Finance England

Student Finance Scotland

Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Northern Ireland

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