How To Advertise A Job Online

Advertise your job on an online jobs board

Are you trying to get your job advertisement in front of the widest pool of potential candidates? Advertising on one of the popular UK jobs boards is your best option. These are ten of the UK’s largest online jobs boards and recruitment services.

Before choosing which jobs board to advertise on, research the pros and cons of each platform. For example, some jobs boards have a CV library and will match your job advertisements to potential candidates based on their CV.

Advertising on Facebook is a powerful way to reach local candidates for your job advertisements. As well as advertising a job, you’ll also be able to raise awareness about your company’s products and/or services.

Facebook has so many different opportunities for advertising and promoting job listings, we’ve created a dedicated guide to advertising jobs on Facebook.

Advertise a job on a local jobs board

If you’re local for a more cost effective way to promote your job vacancies. Advertising them on a local jobs board will allow you to target local candidates at a more competitive rate than with UK jobs boards.

The quality, reach and availability of local jobs boards vary for each location in the UK. Densely populated cities are better served by local jobs boards. Especially the UK’s largest cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Whereas less densely populated, more rural areas aren’t as well served by local jobs boards.