How to advertise a job on Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch allows employers to advertise their jobs online and search for jobseekers whose CVs match the job roles employers are recruiting for. Before you can advertise jobs on Universal Jobmatch, you’ll need to register for a Government Gateway ID. The Government Gateway ID is a universal login for online government services. To register a Government Gateway ID, please visit: If you already have a Government Gateway ID, you can use it to register as an employer on Universal Jobmatch.

Why register a Universal Jobmatch account?

As an employer, when you’ve registered a Universal Jobmatch account, you’ll be able to:
  • Advertise jobs on Universal Jobmatch
  • Search for people looking for jobs on Universal Jobmatch, who are automatically matched by CV and skills
  • Review jobseekers who are matched to your job advertisements and select the candidates that you want to apply
To register on Universal Jobmatch and advertise jobs, please visit: Please note that the Government Gateway ID used to register for Universal Jobmatch must be your business or organisation account and not as personal account.