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PIP Christmas Payments 2020 – Personal Independence Payments Over Xmas

The dates for PIP payments over Christmas 2020 have been confirmed. For people who are new to claiming PIP (Personal Independence Payment), it is paid every for weeks and on the same day every month. Personal Independence Payments are arranged to avoid payment dates being at the weekend so they aren’t delayed.

PIP Christmas Payment Dates For 2020

PIP Payment Due DatePIP Payment Date
December 24th 2020December 24th 2020
December 25th 2020December 24th 2020
December 26th 2020December 24th 2020
December 27th 2020December 24th 2020
December 28th 2020December 24th 2020
December 29th 2020December 29th 2020
December 30th 2020December 30th 2020
December 31st 2020December 31st 2020
January 1st 2021December 31st 2020

If you’re not sure what date your Personal Independence Payment is due, please check your decision letter from the DWP.

If your payment doesn’t arrive on the date it’s supposed to, call the PIP helpline phone number 0800 121 4433. The PIP helpline is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding bank holidays.