NHS Pay Bands London

The NHS Pay Bands in London are higher than the rest of the UK due to a “High Cost Area Supplement.”

  • Inner London – 20% of basic NHS salary, subject to a minimum payment of £4,888 and a maximum payment of £7,377
  • Outer London – 15% of basic NHS salary, subject to a minimum payment of £4,108 and a maximum payment of £5,177
  • London Fringe – 5% of basic NHS salary, subject to a minimum payment of £1,136 and a maximum payment of £1,915

2023 NHS Pay Scales in London

The table below show NHS Pay Scales in each London area and how it compares to the basic NHS salary for each band.

NHS Pay BandsBasic SalaryInner LondonOuter LondonLondon Fringe
Band 1£20,270£25,158£24,378£21,406
Band 2Band 2Band 2Band 2Band 2
<2 years' experience£20,270£25,158£24,378£21,406
2+ years£21,318£26,206£25,426£22,454
Band 3Band 3Band 3Band 3Band 3
<2 years' experience£21,730£26,618£25,838£22,866
2+ years£23,177£28,065£27,285£24,336
Band 4Band 4Band 4Band 4Band 4
<3 years' experience£23,949£28,837£28,057£25,146
3+ years£26,282£31,538£30,390£27,596
Band 5Band 5Band 5Band 5Band 5
<2 years' experience£27,055£32,466£31,163£28,408
2-4 years£29,180£35,016£33,557£30,639
4+ years£32,934£39,521£37,874£34,581
Band 6Band 6Band 6Band 6Band 6
<2 years' experience£33,706£40,447£38,762£35,391
2-5 years£35,572£42,686£40,749£37,351
5+ years£40,588£47,965£45,765£42,503
Band 7Band 7Band 7Band 7Band 7
<2 years' experience£41,659£49,036£46,836£43,574
2-5 years£43,806£51,183£48,983£45,721
5+ years£47,672£55,049£52,849£49,587
Band 8aBand 8aBand 8aBand 8aBand 8a
< 5 years' experience£48,526£55,903£53,703£50,441
5+ years£54,619£61,996£59,796£56,534
Band 8bBand 8bBand 8bBand 8bBand 8b
< 5 years' experience£56,164£63,541£61,341£58,079
5+ years£65,262£72,639£70,439£67,177
Band 8cBand 8cBand 8cBand 8cBand 8c
< 5 years' experience£67,064£74,441£72,241£68,979
5+ years£77,274£84,651£82,451£79,189
Band 8dBand 8dBand 8dBand 8dBand 8d
< 5 years' experience£79,592£86,969£84,769£81,507
5+ years£91,787£99,164£96,964£93,702
Band 9Band 9Band 9Band 9Band 9
< 5 years' experience£95,135£102,512£100,312£97,050
5+ years£109,475£116,852£114,652£111,390
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