We are looking for a committed , caring person to help vulnerable people stay living in their own homes in the. We are looking for a selection of full and part time carers as shifts include mixture of mornings and evenings along with weekend days.

Three Sisters Care Ltd is a domiciliary care agency based in East London. We are employ approximately 350 care staff across london and within the local community. We provide care and support to people in their own homes and occasionally extra care to people in supported housing.

Here at Three Sisters Care we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for the communities we work with and our Care Workers are the most important part of our organisation, enabling us to do that.

Should you be successful in your application your duties would range from:

Domestic Services

– Bed making and changing

– Washing clothes and linen in service users home

– ironing

– Emptying and cleaning commode and the safe disposal of waste.

– Domestic cleaning will normally be limited to essential hygiene requirements only. This would consist of the cleaning of work surfaces and floors in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet and including baths, shower trays, sinks, basin and toilets plus cleaning of occasional spillage. Planned vacuum cleaning and dusting only to be included where specified in the Care Plan to meet a health related need. (The Service User will be responsible for providing all cleaning materials such as mop/bucket and cleaning agents)

– Washing up.

– Dealing with household refuse.

– Disposal of special clinical waste as identified by the Health Authority through approved collection systems.

– Assisting with personal correspondence.

Food and Nutrition

– Menu planning as part of a planned programme to promote independence.

– Preparation of food including hot meals and dealing with dietary needs including health related needs (e.g. diabetes).

– Ensuring the safe reheating of previously prepared food in line with current legislation and if available in line with the manufacturers’ instructions.

– Assistance with feeding or drinking.

– Advance preparation of snacks and drinks.

Assisting with Service User’s Health Needs

– Prompting, administering and recording the self-administration of prescribed medication.

– Facilitating as part of a planned programme to promote independence or in order to maintain the Service User’s situation and record the self-administration of prescribed medication.

– External application of prescribed ointments and skin patches to unbroken skin as instructed by a District Nurse.

– Preventative application of prescribed or non-prescribed creams/ointments to unbroken skin following personal cleaning as agreed within an individual’s Support Plan.

– Assisting Service Users with dry dressings (i.e. not open wounds).

– Ensuring the safe storage of medication.

– Apply prosthetics if required

Awareness of Service Users Health Needs

– Constantly monitoring general heath condition and circumstances of Service User.

– Recognising the need to summons GP or District Nurse and alert Manager/Supervisor.

– Co-operation with carers/ relatives/ District Nurse/ Occupational Therapist/Care Manager and other provider services.

– Ensuring that Service Users maintain an adequate supply of medication and arranging for repeat prescriptions when required.

– Ensuring Service User achieves maximum mobility within the home, using appropriate equipment where necessary

Money and Shopping

– Assisting with preparation of shopping lists including management of household stores.

– Shopping at stores most local to the service User’s home for essential food and hygiene items.

– Accompanying Service User to shops as part of a planned programme to promote independence.

– Assisting with handling money, pension collecting, bill paying and complying with financial arrangements to account for such transactions

Personal Care

– Assisting Service Users to get up and go to bed.

– Assisting Service Users to transfer from or to bed/chair/wheelchair/toilet, moving to a sitting position in bed with or without a mechanical hoist and taking into account Health and Safety legislation.

– Assisting with personal washing, bathing, showering and maintaining good personal hygiene.

– Assisting Service Users with dressing, undressing and changing.

– Assisting Service Users with shaving, washing of hair and fingernail care, foot care but not toe nail care that requires a state registered chiropodist.

– Assisting with mouth hygiene.

– Changing of incontinence sheets and pads and their disposal.

– Changing of catheter bags and emptying commodes.

About Three Sisters Care

Three Sisters Care is a social enterprise care agency working across London and Essex. Founded in 2011, we provide care and support to elderly people and to younger adults with disabilities in their own homes. Developing our employees and local community is key to our ethos. We provide Care Certificate training, employ local staff and engage local suppliers. We employ a multi-cultural workforce of over 350 care workers speaking most of the community languages prevalent across London. We are an NHS Care Provider (Pan-London AQP) and are commissioned providers with Barking and Dagenham Council and Tower Hamlets Council. We have private clients across London and Essex.