Context and purpose of job

To be work as part of a team, providing an emotionally secure, warm, stimulating and safe environment, appropriate to the needs of individual children. There must be good knowledge of the Early Years foundation stage and implement these in your daily work. This is a basic job description that must be implemented at all times, extension of this job description is essential to promotion and enhancement within the setting.

Main Duties and responsibilities

Actively participating in the planning of the room, researching new ideas and activities with the children.

Ensuring routines are being followed and run smoothly as directed by the room leader

Ensuring new decisions are taken on board and maintained in the room at all times

Ensuring that all relevant handovers happen between rooms are completed before children start.

Ensuring that you follow all policies and procedures

Actively participating in room meetings

Being an excellent role model to the other staff and children in your room

Understanding all policies and procedures of the nursery and being able to answer relevant questions from parents/carers/outside agencies (i.e OFSTED)

Overseeing the professionalism of all volunteers/students in the setting

Working with students and their supervisor, passing on your knowledge to them, practically and theoretically.

Ensuring the students allocated to your room are aware of and comply with the policies and procedures of the setting

Welcoming all children and parents to the nursery and helping them settle.(irrespective of their rooms)

To provide a wide and varied range of activities for the children individually and as a group appropriate to their needs and developmental stage.

Laying out and setting up the nursery and storing away equipment appropriately.

Explaining activities to children and providing help if necessary.

To encourage the children with their language development and positive verbal response.

To organise creative activities and displays for the walls and help display the children’s work.

Maintain a clean and tidy nursery and garden area and ensure books, toys and equipment are clean and

in good order.

Encourage and supervise clearing and tidy up time

Provide a high standard of health and hygiene

Change nappies and encourage children with toilet training and personal hygiene

Help children at meal times and then tidy and clear away afterwards

Act as a key person for a group of children as allocated by the management team, ensuring attachment

theories are respected.

Have a sound knowledge of all the children in the setting and an excellent knowledge of your key children.

Work in partnership with parents, consulting and sharing information with them about the needs and

progress of their children

Filling in all the appropriate record keeping for your key child and ensure they are continually up to date

Attend and participate in staff meetings

To undertake training and give appropriate feedback to the staff team and implement this in your work

To take responsibility for aspects of the work of the nursery as required by the management team

To ensure adherence to the nursery’s child care procedures and policies within all aspects of the work in the nursery

Ensuring all staff adhering to the policies and procedures of the setting.

To exercise a general duty of care for work colleagues and to be responsible for ensuring a safe working

environment for all volunteers/students under your supervision

Such other minor and/or non-recurring duties, appropriate to the post, as may be directed by the management team Inform the management team of any concerns regarding the children, parents or other staff

It is every member of staff responsibility to ensure professionalism and confidentiality are adhered to at all times.

Oversee the professionalism of all staff/ students

We are an equal opportunities employer