1. Assisting with personal hygiene, for example helping the person with care needs to have a bath/shower.

2. Assisting with dressing/undressing and personal appearance.]

3. Assisting with mobility, including use of wheelchair and hoists

4. To make and change beds and general cleaning the service users accommodation.

5. To ensure the preparation and serving of food meet the required standards.

Qualifications, experience and knowledge of disability are desirable.

Hourly pay £9.

About Asian People's Disability Alliance (APDA) Limited

APDA has the solution that allows relatives to stay in the comfort of their familiar surroundings of their own home, and continue to live full and interesting lives evidenced by 30 years of delivering specialist service and experiences.

APDA provides tailor made packages for frail. elderly and disabled people.  By meeting individual needs, preferences and routines and offering practical advice and support, we transform a difficult situation into a manageable one, by making a real difference in people's lives and their families.