IVF clinic admin/Patient co-ordinator Job in London at Health and Education Center

Greater London, Part Time *Subject To Experience

Job description

a.      Contacting potential clients who have enquired at our clinic. These are by phone, most commonly messages, and emails. This also includes replying to potential clients and ongoing patients with emails referring two aspects of the treatment, the expenses, appointments etc. Most of the times these replies are repetitive and standard all throughout there will be guidance from the consultants as to what to write.

b.       Letters-letters are in standard repetitive formats for example, the first enquiry the letter would start with thanking the patient for her enquiry, a paragraph about our clinic, attaching a health questionnaire etc. Pretty much an extension of the task in “a” above.

c.      There are standard summary of treatment letters which you write to patient / GPm informing them any pregnancy their patients have had.

d. Checking that all forms are returned, correctly filled and boxes ticked on an excel sheet. You will be well trained and monitored re this one.

e. Invoices are prepared by the account section and get sent off. You will be periodically instructed to your text the client or ring them or chase the payment.

How many hours will this work take?

Ours is a small clinic we probably see 4-5 new patients a week and a follow up of others and probably around 5 to 10 cycles a month.
This means there is another secretary that does most of the accounting and various letter writing which means your job is limited to probably a 10 hours a week for this.
What skills?
a.       Email writing.
b.      Handling excel sheet and to keep a tab on what almost done and follow up notes.
c.       Handling client relationship software which will be done by remote access. How to will be taught.
d.      Comfort with PC and internet
e.       Periodically scanning documents (perhaps once a week or in 10 days) and posting letter especially prescriptions to pharmacists.
Working schedule and time.
Most of the time this work can be arranged at your convenience.
If you are busy in the day this work can be done in the evening from 5.00 till 7.00 or 8.00 pm. There are only a few calls that need to be done in working hours but most of them are not urgent.

We Deal with Health and Education 1- Reproductive medicine 2- Training Doctors in UK 3- Training Nurses in UK

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