Early Years Room Leader Job in Maghull, Merseyside at Foxhouse Nursery

Maghull, Merseyside, Full Time £15k - £20k

At Little Foxes our team is so important to us as they are part of our family. If you’re looking to work at a nursery that will support and inspire you then we’re the nursery for you.

We are always looking for special people to join us but if this isn’t you then scroll no more.

You must have a warm, smiling face that makes every child feel special and loved.

You must be able to laugh at jokes that you don’t understand, or you don’t find funny. Child humour can be a confusing minefield to navigate.

You will preferably have a little bit of quirkiness. If a child requests that you be a princess, you will be the best fairytale princess you can be.

The ability to sing in tune is not necessary, however the ability to sing out of tune in front of a crowd is essential.

You must be able to distribute warm hugs as required.

Possessing the skills required to rapidly count the heads of numerous moving small people is of utmost importance.

Must be comfortable entering public places on the way home from work with unknown substances on your clothing  .

You must also have a strong sense of smell to enable you to respond swiftly to said bodily functions.

You preferably do not have an aversion to an environment that at times resembles the aftermath of a tornado .

Pretending to eat playdough creations realistically is required, this is a skill that may develop with time and experience.

The ability to remember the names of many children, their parents, siblings, grandparents, pets and special soft toys is a key component of this job.

You must feel comfortable sitting on furniture that does not contain all of your behind.

You must have the ability to read a ten page  fairytale with at least one interruption per page.

You must be prepared to have a lot of fun in the workplace. Laughter is something you can expect to engage in for a large part of your working day.

Finally, you must be prepared to feel loved, special, and important to many young children and their families. There is simply no other job quite like this


Family as a family run business we believe family is the most important thing. Everything we do should help and benefit our families

Service we strive to provide the best service possible to our team, the families and the community

Happiness  we want all our team to be happy, spread this to all our children, families and community

Growth we aim to make every day the best and continually improve all aspects of Little Foxes for the team, the families and the community

We offer amazing benefits for being part of the Little foxes Family

Opportunity for cash bonus every month

Discount and offers monthly

Opportunities for career progression

Employee assistance programme

Flexible working hours

Continuous professional development

Excellent pension scheme

Team social events held regularly

Group chats to support and inspire each other

Little Foxes first opened in 1996. We are passionate about providing high quality childcare for families. We are a small team and work together to make every day full, successful and the best for all children.

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