How To Write A Cover Letter

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Learn what a cover letter is, how to write a cover letter and what to include in a cover letter when applying for a job.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter way to introduce yourself to the hiring manager, and to highlight the skills and experience that make you the best candidate for the job.

You should write a cover letter for each job you apply for.

If the job roles you’re applying for are similar, write a cover letter template and edit it to match the criteria specified in each job description.

5 top tips for writing a cover letter

  1. Keep it concise: a cover letter should be no more than one page of A4 paper long.
  2. Use a professional tone: avoid using slang or overly casual language.
  3. Customize each letter: tailor your cover letter to the specific job and company you are applying to.
  4. Use specific examples: rather than just listing your skills and experience, use concrete examples to demonstrate how you have used those skills in the past.
  5. Proofread: carefully proofread your cover letter for spelling and grammar errors before submitting your job application.

How to address a cover letter

The cover letter should address the person who is reading it. If you know the name of the person who’s hiring for the position, use their first name. For example, if the person hiring has advertised the role on Facebook with their personal Facebook account, you’ll know their first name.

You’re more likely for your application to be read and receive a reply if you send it to and address the right person.

If you can’t find the name of the person hiring, can use a general greeting such as:

  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • Dear Hiring manager
  • Dear Company Name


Only address a cover letter using a general greeting if you’re unable to find the name of the person who’s in charge of hiring for the job role.

How long should a cover letter be?

A cover letter should be one page of A4 paper long. On average, the word count for a cover letter should be between 250 and 400 words long.

Your cover letter should be clear and concise and help sell you as a great candidate for the job role being advertised.

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