About the Company

A key component of our hardware lifecycle management services is providing our customers with an assortment of hardware options. We feature brand-new and certified refurbished networking, voice, server and storage hardware from top manufacturers:

  • Servers: You will find a wide selection of servers from Huawei, Dell, HP, Oracle and many other brands.
  • Networking equipment: We offer complete Ethernet, network management systems and wireless networks including ALU, Huawei routers, switches and security products, as well as Avaya and many other brands.
  • Storage: Products such as Pure Storage can maximize your data storage capabilities.
  • Voice/telephony: We feature Avaya Voice/Telephony products that will improve and streamline your business/office communications.

XTEL also offers a comprehensive suite of hardware lifecycle management/IT infrastructure management services to help you optimize your hardware and software technology solutions. Examples include:

  • Analytics and recommendation: We can provide reliable analytics that increase your business inventory intelligence by helping you gain a better understanding of how your technology assets are used, while also make recommendations regarding areas of improvement.
  • Installation: You can count on our more than two decades of expertise to install your IT hardware or provide capable installation guidance to your technical staff.
  • Stage and configuration: Our staff includes OEM-certified technicians and engineers who can handle the all-important staging and configuration process, eliminating the costs associated with receiving equipment that does not meet your performance expectations.
  • Testing and repairs: XTEL’s testing and repair solutions allow you to maximize the return on your hardware investment, while providing ongoing support for your IT infrastructure.
  • Maintenance: We can provide you with a clearer understanding of your maintenance purchase usage, which can help you avoid unnecessary hardware add-on expenses.
  • Spares Management: XTEL uses a proven sparing process that is data driven.The simplifies that overall logistics needed to drive your sparing program needs.
  • Warranty Management: The professionals at XTEL work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your warranty agreements with your hardware providers.
  • Redeployment: It is essential to maximize your return on your hardware investment by creating redeployment processes that support installation and maintenance of hardware.
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