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At the time of the 1841 census the building now known as “The Game Keepers” was just a house occupied by Joseph Phillips – a shoemaker, his wife Elizabeth, four children and his brother who was a farm labourer. Ten years later, the 1851 census describes Joesph Phillips as a shoemaker employing two men.

In the 1861 census Joseph Phillips is described as an inn keeper as well as a shoemaker and the building is referred to as the “Queens Head”. Interestingly, in our dining room at “The Gamekeepers” there are two bricks, one on either side of the fireplace: one is carved “JP 1854” and the other “EP 1854”. These clearly refer to Joseph Phillips and Elizabeth Phillips and one can infer that 1854 was a significant year – maybe the transition to an inn. Make sure you look for these bricks when you next visit us.

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