Roman Baths, Heritage Services, Bath and North East Somerset Council

About the Company

We are bold in our approach, set aspirational goals for ourselves and create innovative solutions to tackle problems and adapt to changing circumstances. This value demonstrates that we are proactive, take action and deliver outcomes which improve people’s lives.

We empower our staff and the people of Bath and North East Somerset so that they have the confidence and ability to find solutions for themselves and others. This value demonstrates how we develop our staff so that they are knowledgeable, are trusted to make decisions, able to challenge us and have the authority to be enablers.

We are supportive and work together to build trusting relationships. Our staff give help and encouragement to the people of Bath and North East Somerset and each other. This value describes how we are curious, collaborative and care for each other, our residents and the environment.

We are transparent, honest and accountable. This value demonstrates that we act with integrity, are open to criticism, are honest about our mistakes and want to improve and do better so that we deliver on our promises.


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