Powerrun Pipe-Mech Ltd

About the Company

POWERRUN have been at the forefront in manufacturing high-quality products since 1989. We fabricate steel to almost any desired product and shape, meeting your requirements and specifications precisely. All our employees are highly trained and motivated, offering an experienced, friendly, flexible and collaborative approach on any size of project. FACILITIES: Located in KEIGHLEY, YORKSHIRE our fabrication facility provides us with 20,000² ft of internal manufacturing space with a segregated stainless steel area. ONSITE | INSTALLATION SERVICE: In addition to our design & manufacturing capabilities, POWERRUN can provide an installation service. Our experienced engineers can undertake the installation of pipework including pump sets, valves, penstocks along with other pipe materials. We also erect access metalwork such as access platforms, walkways, handrails, balustrades, storage tanks & pressure vessels.

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