About the Company

For nearly 200 years, we’ve been a world leader in the manufacture of glass and glazing solutions.

We’re one of the industry’s leading and most trusted brands around the globe.

Our Perspective
Glass is what we know. But we also know people.
Being innovative and collaborative is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re building a sustainable future by building sustainable business relationships.

We strive to be judged “Best In Glass” and that steers us towards excellence.

Our reputation for becoming the best means our customers can be the best too.

We inspire great vision and our knowledge and expertise makes that vision a reality.

We’re here for our customers, right from the very beginning.

We deliver impressive solutions that meet our customers’ ultimate needs.

Where is Pilkington glass used?
Working with the world’s biggest brands, our products touch the lives of millions of people. We’re renowned for making technologically advanced glass for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Our projects range from the award winning visitor centre at Stonehenge to The Rose Centre for earth & space in New York, but our glass is used in many other diverse applications.

For example touch screens and digital displays are everywhere today. Our range of coated glass products are used in many of them. They’re durable and robust, provide excellent performance and are incredibly cost effective.

We also work with many of today’s leading car manufacturers, like Jaguar Land Rover, supplying windscreens and glass roofs to the world’s most recognisable models. Our products deliver the highest levels of performance and that’s why we’re trusted to protect millions of road users.

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