About the Company

Meadows Care are one of the UK’s leading therapeutic residential childcare providers, with a network of homes based across Rochdale, Bury, Oldham, Rossendale and Huddersfield.

Meadows Care provide therapeutic care homes for young people with emotional and behavioural needs, with homes for up to 3 or 4 young people. We have been running since 2004 and have 21 homes across the North-West and the Midlands.
Meadows Care provides specialist residential therapeutic services to help young people learn, grow, develop and achieve. We aim to help young people to thrive and to reach their potential. We aim to achieve the best possible sustainable outcomes for our young people by providing the best possible care.
Therapeutic care is integrated into our service model and throughout our services, with all staff trained and competent in our therapeutic model (M-ARC) which ensures we are a trauma led service focusing upon the therapeutic, attachment and psychological needs of our young people. Our passionate and nurturing staff are skilled, well trained and well supported by managers and clinicians.

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