About the Company

Junior Adventures Group UK is the leading provider of children’s wraparound care in the UK and forms part of the Junior Adventures Group global brand.


We aspire to be the leaders in engaging, empowering, educating children via a whole of child philosophy. JAG UK provides before school care (BSC), after school care (ASC), holiday programs (HP), physical education (PE) and lunchtime activities (LA) for children aged 4 to 13 years via our specialist childcare brands, Fit For Sport and Energy Kidz.


We currently operate in 250+ schools and leisure settings across the UK and engage with over 300,000 children, making us the biggest provider of children’s services in the UK. Globally we operate in over 1000 settings across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and England.


So… what is it that makes Junior Adventures Group UK so special?


Is it our incredible passion for building brighter futures for children? Our large footprint across the UK? Our extraordinary partnerships with local communities? Our fun and inclusive approach to childcare?


Well yes, all those things really do help… but the main thing that makes us so special, that really sets us apart from anyone else, is our people; people just like you!


We are incredibly proud of our wonderful, hardworking team members across the globe who help us consistently provide exceptional childcare services. By living and breathing our company values – our people are considerate, passionate, courageous, make a difference and continue to be the key to success on our mission of building brighter futures together.

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