About the Company

Our philosophy is simple. It is to provide quality support and care to enable people to remain in their own homes and pursue their chosen lifestyle, regardless of age, disability and geographical area.

As a family-led company, the Helping Hands values inform everything we do and how we do it. They help us to deliver a consistent and excellent service to every customer we support and member of team – from our staff behind the scenes to each and every one of our carers.

We focus on people
Our priority will always be our commitment to the needs of our customers, respecting their wishes and choices about how they want to receive care and support. We will always look at the person as a whole and what’s important to them in their life, not just their care.
Our staff will be given the same level of concern, respect and care within the organisation that they are expected to share externally with every Helping hands customer.

We strive for excellence, every time
We will deliver a premium service with consistency and continuity, regardless of who is delivering it – whilst personalities may differ, standards and quality should not.
We will strive to help things run smoothly by thinking and planning ahead.  And when things don’t always work out, we will work tirelessly to put things right – resolving issues quickly and effectively for everyone involved. We care deeply about the quality of our work and our people, and build trust by delivering on our promises.

We focus on listening and understanding
Listening to our customers, staff and those we work with, enables us to tackle day-to-day challenges in a different way. By listening, asking and understanding, we will develop strong relationships built on trust and reassurance. In this way we will deliver a bespoke, person centred service that matches each customer’s needs.

We push for continuous improvement
As a business we have achieved so much already, but each day offers new opportunities and it’s often the little things that make the difference. We are here to try and  improve people’s lives in whatever way we can, so thinking about how we can do things better and make things possible is vital.

We are passionate about achieving better results every time and will always look to advance our existing skills and seek feedback so that we can continue to improve. We will take pride in and enjoy what we do, whilst achieving a better future for our customers and colleagues.

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