About the Company

We offer personalised therapeutic care to children on the Autistic spectrum along with other complex needs associated with Autism. We have created small therapeutic homes with a real emphasis on creating  nurturing environments, with qualified and caring staff working alongside our clinical specialists.

We accept children with  varying degrees of need and place them in the most appropriate area of one of our Homes, to ensure  they have correct level of care, nurturing and  therapeutic support to meet their individual needs,


Headstart Residential Care enables children on the Autistic spectrum to not only be nurtured with individual care in small tranquil environments but to have the opportunity to attend Headstart School which also specialises in children with Autism. The two environments ensure continuity of care and education, where both teams work together in harmony to achieve  the best outcomes for the child.

Headstart Residential Care is a small organisation that has grown from the need for some of our students at Headstart School requiring a safe and specialised place to stay.

Our methods are highly successful and children progress and develop as we support them along their journey.

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