About the Company

Elmdale Maintenance is a service-led office and business solutions provider, based in Aldermaston, Berkshire.
With more than 28 years’ experience, we know that every customer and application is different.

We also know that an “off the peg” solution is often not the best way to implement hardware and software in today’s demanding business environment.

By ensuring your document workflow is managed effectively and efficiently, you can keep up with constant growth and change within your company and this is a practice we are experts in.

Elmdale Maintenance is committed to providing its customers with personal service and a long-term partnership when it comes to office equipment and document management. Our team of highly knowledgeable sales and service professionals are all based locally, and we pride ourselves on our personal approach to customers.

We aim to provide a comprehensive strategy to print management, which helps customers to plan ahead and think about the bigger picture.

This is why we offer a broad range of solutions from desktop printers to highly productive multi-functional copier, print and scan systems.

Equally these systems dovetail seamlessly with our market leading print management and document archiving solutions.

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