About the Company

Daybreak is a 30-year-old charity running face-to-face dementia day centre in Oxfordshire.  Our activities reduce social isolation.

We offer a range of stimulating activities including music, art, games, and dance.  The day centre support functions as a respite centre for carers and family members, as well. Daybreak acts as a community hub for dementia positive engagement, improving the mental health for the entire family.

We see this daily. Members who rarely speak can recall lyrics and sing. Members that cannot speak, express their trapped thoughts and feelings through art projects.  Our certified staff support our members, which in turn allows their family members reduced stress and the family to live well with dementia.  Ultimately, all our work improves the quality of life and well-being for our members and their carers, delaying or avoiding permanent care homes and keeping Oxfordshire families together longer and healthier.

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