About the Company

Carbon Fibre UK Concepts (CFUKC) Ltd, was founded by James Urquhart and Mark Chisholm, in February 2015. Our aim was to enter the market as a small player with a good knowledge in material and processing which we hoped would build the company organically. Over the past 4 years our small company has grown beyond our expectations. We have secured 2 major contracts in the metrology and marine industry and we have increased our manufacturing capacity 10 fold.

We now have two autoclaves with a third on the way shortly. With our current large Autoclave extending a staggering 12m in length, we can cater for pretty much any project! We also have CNC facilities and we aim to have 5 axis CNC machining/composite trimming facilities by the end of the year.

CFUKC is still a small outfit but with a very strong setup and good production team we should still be considered as your manufacturing partner . We can offer high quality components at very competitive prices. CFUKC will cater for all companies or individuals, and we can offer a comprehensive service to take your idea from the prototype stage, all the way through to full scale production. As well as offering a full range of composite component design and manufacturing services, CFUKC can now supply a comprehensive range of high quality prepreg materials for small and large volume users.

We are always happy to look at new projects or ideas, so if you require any assistance, or a quality, affordable supply of prepreg to make your own products, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help any way we can! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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