About the Company

We provide support and recovery programmes for people recovering from cancer.

A client centred caring business with a worldwide reputation.

The role would not involve the candidate having to provide direct support other than administrative.

Cancer Options.

Cancer Options is an Independent Integrative Consultancy

What does that mean?

It means that we are a unique resource for anybody dealing with cancer.

Why are we unique?

We are the only Independent service that has the skill and knowledge to look at both orthodox and cam approaches to cancer and bring you the following:

A complete appraisal of your orthodox treatment options, new and cutting edge treatments / clinical trials.
What that means in real terms for you, what going on a clinical trial can mean in real terms.
An honest opinion as to whether the balance of benefit over cost is in your favour.
Introduction to treatment methods you may not have been made aware of and advice on how to access the top specialists and work the cancer system to your best advantage.

A realistic look at what short and long term side effects may emerge from the orthodox treatment offered and how much of that can be offset by an integrative programme

If you decide that orthodox treatment is not your route we can discuss all other options available to you and help you put together the best treatment programme for you

Support programmes for all methods of orthodox treatments to get the best results and emerge as unscathed as possible

Nutrition advice, there are a mass of contradictions out there but there isn’t one diet for everyone, different cancer have different metabolic methods of growth. We strongly believe a programme should not be a stressful burden, we help you devise a nutrition plan that is suitable for you metabolically, psychologically and financially

Looking at underlying contributors. Does an oncologist ever ask “why did you get cancer”? Well we do!
Nothing happens without reason and in our experience it is not all to do with poor lifestyle. The majority of people we consult with have had healthy lifestyles with efforts to look after themselves and still, they develop cancer- why is that? Well there is a lot more to this than the simplistic statements in the paper. There is increasing evidence on the implications of the following:
The body’s ability to methylate
Gut health and its role in preventing disease
The role of the liver in maintaining health
Endocrine balance and how that effects hormone related cancers

We can help you look at what may have implications for YOU, the more we know about you as a person the more you can put in place strategies which take you back to health

Independent appraisals and honest opinions on what to expect from different practitioners, and cam clinics and services.
Over 14 years we have developed a wealth of knowledge of services, practitioners, and clinics across the world. Our wonderful clients feed back to us all the time on the service, care and treatment they have received. This enables us to provide for you a unique, impartial and frankly brutally honest appraisal of all things CAM.
We are on your side, we receive no referral fees, no paybacks we are completely impartial except when it comes to you. Our focus is on helping you get the best results from your choices and effort.

We will tell you exactly what we think whether orthodox or cam and if you are looking at someone who will waste your time and money our job is to make sure you know about it.

Company Overview
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