About the Company

Calder Valley Security installs, provides maintenance and also repairs all types of burglar alarms Halifax. We also provide Intruder alarm systems and monitored burglar alarms Halifax. In addition to these service we can also provide HD CCTV systems, detector activated CCTV systems, fire alarm systems and access control systems.

We work on all makes and models whether or not we installed it, in the Calderdale, Kirklees, Halifax, Huddersfield, Calder Valley and Leeds Area. We now offer human thermal fever screening solutions including portable hand held guns to fixed facial recognition based temperature systems.

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to identify people quickly and accurately with elevated body temperatures because it is one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. Capable of highly accurate body temperature measurement and with built-in AI algorithm, this can measure multiple persons from up to three metres distance.

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