Marketing Executive Cover Letter

Marc Dwight

123 Your Street

Your City, ST 12345

(123) 456-7890

[email protected]

4th September 2020

Julian Beck

Hiring Manager, Company Name

123 Address St 

Anytown, ST 12345

Dear Mr. Beck,

As an ambitious professional with communication proficiency and extensive marketing executive experience, I was thrilled to learn about the marketing executive opening in your company. I believe that my professional background makes me an ideal candidate to fill this position.

With over 7 years in marketing, I bring real life experience leading multi-disciplinary teams while delivering actionable solutions through marketing reports, overall campaign effectiveness and insights. I have instilled a sense of entrepreneurial vision and creativity to drive forward innovative strategies to win competitive positioning and accelerated revenue growth.

With a history of implementing profitable marketing tactics, I am certain that I would prove to be a worthy addition to your already talented marketing team.  I would welcome an opportunity for a personal interview to discuss your company’s needs and the results you can expect from me in addressing those needs.


Marc Dwight