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What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion government fund to create 6 month work placements aimed at those aged 16-24 who are claiming Universal Credit. If you’re employed on the Kickstart Scheme, you’ll receive the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week. However, some employers made choose to employ and pay you for more than 25 hours a week.

The criteria for the Kickstart scheme is;

Young people aged 16-24 years of age are eligible for the kickstart scheme
You must be claiming Universal Credit and be referred by your JCP Work Coach
Kickstart job placements are for 6 months
Job placements must be for a minimum of 25 hours per week
Job placements will be paid at National Minimum wage which is funded by the Kickstart Scheme.
Kickstart is for any business across all sectors including the private, public and voluntary and community sectors
Kickstart jobs must only be possible due to the funding and should not replace any current roles or planned future recruitment
As part of your Kickstart placement, you’ll also do some employability training

How to apply for Kickstart Jobs

Kickstart Jobs won’t be available on the Find A Job service or on online job websites. To express an interest in getting a Kickstart Scheme job speak to your Work Coach. They’ll be aware of the kickstart job placements available in your area in the job sectors you’d like to work in.

Another important different between applying for a job and applying for a Kickstart Job placement is that your Work Coach will put responsible for putting candidates forward for placements. We recommend that you’re proactive to increase your chances of being put forward for Kickstart scheme jobs. For example; make a note in your Universal Credit journal to express your interest in the Kickstart Scheme.

How will I get paid my Kickstart Scheme salary?

Your employer will pay your salary / wages directly into your bank account. The funding for the Kickstart Scheme covers your wages, National Insurance and Pension contributions. The payment terms will vary subject to your employer. But it’s likely your employer will pay 25 hours per week even if your hours vary week-to-week.

What qualifications and experience do I need to get a Kickstart Job?

There aren’t an entry requirements to get a job on the Kickstart Scheme. The majority of jobs on the Kickstart Scheme won’t require any qualifications or experience. One of the aims of the Kickstart Scheme is to help you get the skills and experience you need to get a job when you’ve completed your 6 month placement. However, there will be exceptions to this inline with health and safety, safeguarding and requirements of the job. For example, you’ll need a CSCS card to get a job in construction.

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