Commercial Manager Cover Letter

Niel Lunder

123 Your Street

Your City, ST 12345

(123) 456-7890

[email protected]

4th September 2020

Justine Malone

Hiring Manager Company Name

123 Address St 

Anytown, ST 12345

Dear Mr. Malone,

As a highly skilled commercial manager, I read your posting for a new commercial manager with interest. My experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking. I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your organization.

With more than 7 years of experience, I deliver commercial support to project management throughout our contract delivery cycles. My efforts always include delivering high-impact market insights and I have a reputation for identifying trends and analysing rates to ensure product offerings are optimised. As a result of my past experiences, I am now a confident communicator who is resilient to pressure and delivers powerful decisions when it matters most.

With my knowledge and skills, I can be a helpful professional for your team. I would welcome an opportunity for a personal interview to discuss your company’s needs and the results you can expect from me in addressing those needs.


Niel Lunder