How to Become a Business Administrator

What is a business administrator?

A Business Administrator overlooks the daily operations of an organisation, regardless of what the business is, to ensure that the department and company goals are met and profits are made. Their job may include supervising staff while focusing on a number of different areas such as marketing, finance, and accounting.

How to become a business administrator?

You can get into this career by doing a degree. Useful subjects include Business Management, Business Development, Accountancy, Economics, and International Relations. Employers usually want you to have experience in sales, marketing or business management. 

You could also study a college course in sales or business. If you’ve started work in a junior role, you could think about taking qualifications like:

  • Level 3 Award in Business Development Skills
  • Level 3 Certificate in Sales Management

Business administrator duties

Business administrator duties are diverse and depend on the employer and specialty, but some responsibilities are common to most:

  • Detect wastage and improve efficiency
  • Oversee day-to-day business activities
  • Introduce and implement innovative short and long-term business goals
  • Liaise and consult with clients, staff, and suppliers
  • Evaluate and enhance employee performance
  • Innovate by applying new technologies in the workplace
  • Consult with other executives, staff and board members about operations
  • Negotiate or approve contracts and agreements
  • Appoint department heads and managers
  • Analyze financial statements, sales reports and other performance indicators

Business administrator skills

To be an effective business administrator you’ll need certain skills and competencies. The following are often cited in job vacancies:

  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Ability to travel domestically and occasionally internationally
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to prioritize
  • Strong aptitude for math
  • Broad business knowledge
  • Ethical behavior

How to find a business administrator job

These jobs are advertised online, in local newspapers and at your local jobcentre. To find all the business administrator jobs near you, you need to:

  • Search for business administrator jobs on popular job websites such as; Indeed, Total Jobs and CV Library
  • Use the DWP’s Find A Job Service
  • Check local newspapers and local Facebook groups, especially groups dedicated to local jobs

Business Administrator Titles

When you search for business administrator jobs online, be aware that the jobs might be advertised using a different job title. Popular job titles for business administrator jobs include;

  • Business director
  • Business operations managers

What does a business administrator do?

The job of a business administrator varies depending on the job role and the company you’re working for. Check the duties and responsibilities of business administrator job advertisements to find jobs that best suit your skills and experience. 

The day-to-day tasks of a business administrator include;

  • Coordinate regular meetings with department heads to best understand their current obstacles
  • Design and implement a plan of action for each area of business
  • Oversee the budget and expenses of each department
  • Identify inefficiencies in a department’s productivity and performance
  • Research new innovative ways to improve the business model through technology and resources
  • Understand current market trends applicable to your market

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