How to become an Assistant Manager

What is an assistant manager?

An assistant manager provides direct assistance and reporting to managers. They are usually responsible for scheduling employees, training new employees, and hiring new employees. The role of assistant manager is a key position in any administrative environment. People working in this position fulfil the role of buffer between the management team above and the supervisors below.

As assistant managers, they have the authority to make decisions. Managers may be responsible for a small or large team depending on the size of the company.

How to become an assistant manager?

Assistant Managers may possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Management or Business. Applicants without qualifications may receive internal training from their employers. Nevertheless, managers should possess at least a GCSE, NVQ, SVQ, or Business Diploma.

Assistant manager duties

Assistant manager duties are diverse and depend on the employer and specialty, but some responsibilities are common to most:

  • Coordinate daily customer service operations (e.g. sales processes, orders and payments)
  • Preparing and presenting employee reviews
  • Supervise and motivate staff to perform their best
  • Completing tasks assigned by the general manager accurately and efficiently
  • Manage purchasing, inventory, maintenance and other operational functions
  • Serve as acting General Manager (GM) when GM is away
  • Acting as a role model for all employees by continuously exhibiting a high level of service and attention to detail in all tasks
  • Delegating tasks to employees

Assistant manager skills

To be an effective assistant manager, you’ll need certain skills and competencies. The following are often cited in job vacancies:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Productivity
  • Computer literate
  • Process Management
  • Leadership and organizational abilities
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Team player

How to find an assistant manager job

These jobs are advertised online, in local newspapers and at your local jobcentre. To find all the assistant manager jobs near you, you need to:

  • Search for assistant manager jobs on popular job websites such as; Indeed, Total Jobs and CV Library
  • Use the DWP’s Find a Job Service
  • Check local newspapers and local Facebook groups, especially groups dedicated to local jobs

What does an assistant manager do?

The job of an assistant manager varies depending on the job role and the company you’re working for. Check the duties and responsibilities of assistant manager job advertisements to find jobs that best suit your skills and experience. 

The day-to-day tasks of an assistant manager include;

  • Recruiting and interviewing new hires
  • Leading training classes or providing one-on-one training to employees
  • Supervising employees and providing additional training and coaching as needed to ensure everyone is performing their job properly
  • Resolving disputes between employees
  • Motivating employees to perform well
  • Monitor and provide feedback to managed staff to effect improvements in organizational goals

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