Band 6 NHS Pay 2022

Band 6 NHS pay 2022 started from £33,706 a year for NHS staff with less than 2 years experience and went up to £47,965 for staff with 5+ years experience in Inner London.

The NHS Band 6 salary supplement in high cost areas applies to Inner London, Outer London and London Fringe.

Band 6 NHS Pay 2022/23 reflects the NHS pay rise in 2022 with the introduction of the Agenda for Change pay rates.

Band 6 NHS Salary 2022

Bands & Pay PointsNHS Pay BandsInner LondonOuter LondonLondon Fringe
<2 years' experience£33,706£40,447£38,762£35,391
2-5 years£35,572£42,686£40,749£37,351
5+ years£40,588£47,965£45,765£42,503

Band 6 NHS Hourly Rate 2022​

Band 6 NHS hourly rates in 2022 started from £17.24 and hour and went up to £24.53 for band 8 NHS staff with 5+ years experience living in Inner London.

Band 6 NHS PayBand 6 NHS PayBand 6 NHS Pay Inner LondonBand 6 NHS Pay Outer LondonBand 6 NHS Pay London Fringe
<2 years' experience£17.24£20.69£19.82£18.10
2-5 years£18.19£21.83£20.84£19.10
5+ years£20.76£24.53£23.40£21.74

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