Functional Skills English Level 1

Functional Skills English Level 1 is the third of five English qualifications that will help you learn English skills for the workplace and at home. At Level 1 English, you’ll learn about the following English topics: speaking, listening and communicating, reading and writing.

English Level 1 – Speaking, Listening and Communicating

  • 1. Identify relevant information and lines of argument in explanations or presentations.
  • 2. Make requests and ask relevant questions to obtain specific information in different contexts.
  • 3. Respond effectively to detailed questions.
  • 4. Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and accurately on a range of topics.
  • 5. Express opinions and arguments and support them with evidence.
  • 6. Follow and understand discussions and make contributions relevant to the situation and the subject.
  • 7. Use appropriate phrases, registers and adapt contributions to take account of audience, purpose and medium.
  • 8. Respect the turn-taking rights of others during discussions, using appropriate language for interjection.

English Level 1 – Reading

  • 9. Identify and understand the main points, ideas and details in texts.
  • 10. Compare information, ideas and opinions in different texts.
  • 11. Identify meanings in texts and distinguish between fact and opinion.
  • 12. Recognise that language and other textual features can be varied to suit different audiences and purposes.
  • 13. Use reference materials and appropriate strategies (e.g. using knowledge of different word types) for a range of purposes, including to find the meaning of words.
  • 14. Understand organisational and structural features and use them to locate relevant information (e.g. index, menus, subheadings, paragraphs) in a range of straightforward texts.
  • 15. Infer from images meanings not explicit in the accompanying text.
  • 16. Recognise vocabulary typically associated with specific types and purposes of texts (e.g. formal, informal, instructional, descriptive, explanatory and persuasive).
  • 17. Read and understand a range of specialist words in context.
  • 18. Use knowledge of punctuation to aid understanding of straightforward texts.

English Level 1 – Writing

  • 19. Use a range of punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, possessive apostrophes).
  • 20. Use correct grammar (e.g. subject-verb agreement, consistent use of different tenses, definite and indefinite articles).
  • 21. Spell words used most often in work, study and daily life, including specialist words.
  • 22. Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and accurately.
  • 23. Write text of an appropriate level of detail and of appropriate length (including where this is specified) to meet the needs of purpose and audience.
  • 24. Use format, structure and language appropriate for audience and purpose.
  • 25. Write consistently and accurately in complex sentences, using paragraphs where appropriate.

Where can I learn Functional Skills English Level 1?

To find level 1 English courses near you, use the National Careers Service Course Finder. Organisations that offer free English level 1 courses for adults include:

  • Further education colleges
  • Adult education centres
  • Some libraries
  • Other training providers
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