Functional Skills English Entry Level 1

Functional Skills English Entry Level 1 is the first of five English qualifications that will help you learn English skills for the workplace and at home. At Entry Level 1, you’ll learn about the following English topics: speaking, listening and communicating, reading and writing.

English Entry Level 1 – Speaking, Listening and Communicating

  • 1. Say the names of the letters of the alphabet.
  • 2. Identify and extract the main information from short statements and explanations.
  • 3. Follow single-step instructions, asking for them to be repeated if necessary.
  • 4. Make requests and ask straightforward questions using appropriate terms and registers.
  • 5. Respond to questions about specific information.
  • 6. Make clear statements about basic information and communicate feelings and opinions on straightforward topics.
  • 7. Understand and participate in simple discussions or exchanges with another person about a straightforward topic.

English Entry Level 1 -Reading

  • 8. Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 1.
  • 9. Read simple sentences containing one clause.
  • 10. Understand a short piece of text on a simple subject.

English Entry Level 1 – Writing

  • 11. Punctuate simple sentences with a capital letter and a full stop.
  • 12. Use a capital letter for the personal pronoun ‘I’ and the first letter of proper nouns.
  • 13. Use lower-case letters when there is no reason to use capital letters.
  • 14. Write the letters of the alphabet in sequence and in both upper and lower case.
  • 15. Spell correctly words designated for Entry Level 1.
  • 16. Communicate information in words, phrases and simple sentences.

Where can I learn Functional Skills English Entry Level 1?

To find entry level 1 English courses near you, use the National Careers Service Course Finder. Organisations that offer free English entry level 1 courses for adults include:

  • Further education colleges
  • Adult education centres
  • Some libraries
  • Other training providers
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