2023 Child Tax Credit Increase In Response To Cost Of Living Crisis

Child Tax Credit will increase in 2023 by 10.1% to help tackle the cost of living crisis. See the table below for more information about how Child Tax Credit claimants will be affected by the payment increases.

The government announced the payment increases in response to the cost of living crisis in the Autumn Statement 2022. The increases will help tackle the impact of inflation on the cost of living.

2023 Child Tax Credit Increase

Child Tax CreditPayment Changes
Family elementNot Increased (£545 since introduction of current tax credit system in 2003)
Child elementIncreased by 10.1%
Disabled child rateIncreased by 10.1%
Severely disabled child rateIncreased by 10.1%
Income thresholds and withdrawal rates
Income thresholdIncreased by 10.1%
Withdrawal rate (per cent)Not Increased
Threshold for those entitled to Child Tax Credit onlIncreased by 10.1%
Income rise disregardNot Increased
Income fall disregardNot Increased
Child BenefitIncreased by 10.1%
Guardian's AllowanceIncreased by 10.1%

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